Clinic Services


Our dermatology team offers a wide range of dermatological and aesthetic services to patients of all ages. Consultations with experienced dermatologists provide diagnosis and management of a wide spectrum of conditions including acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and cancerous lesions of the skin. We also offer many cosmetic procedures including the removal of benign skin lesions.

Referrals are required for all medical dermatology consultations. Appointments are covered by OHIP.

Dietary counselling

Our dietary counselling service can help you to eat smarter in order to meet your nutrition and health goals.  Whether you’re trying to control your weight, manage a medical condition, or simply eat healthier, our Registered Dietitian can help.  Our RD will provide you with the education, advice, resources, motivation and support you need to help you make permanent lifestyle changes.

Dietitian services are covered by many extended medical benefit plans.