Information on joining our team


As a vibrant medical group, we currently have openings for new physicians to join our team.

The primary aim of our group is to surpass the needs of our physicians in the provision of quality health care to the community. From the professionally designed interiors to the cutting-edge technologies, we strive to create the best possible setting for our physicians to practice.

What sets us apart:

  • No financial investment and no administrative or human resources burden to enable you to enjoy an unprecedented work/life balance
  • Our strategic location in a fast-growing area of the city which is currently under-served, creating very strong demands for our services
  • Our team of nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and university-educated medical assistants with high staff-to-physician ratio. Through a meticulous selection process, we’ve assembled a team whom we truly believe are the finest available in the city
  • The spare-no-expenses approach we’ve taken in equipping the centre with the absolute best that’s currently available. Our diagnostic equipment includes spirometry, ECG, audiometry, and fetal doppler
  • The opportunity to work in a collaborative multidisciplinary team consisting of medical specialists, registered dietician, physiotherapists, footcare nurse, diabetes nurse educator, and clinical pharmacist
  • We take pride in accommodating flexible and diverse and practices. Whether relocation your entire existing practice or simply practicing with us on a part-time basis, our physicians are able to set their hours and participate in various areas of interest.

For more information, please email info[at]

Administrative staff

We are proud of our team of knowledgeable and dedicated employees who have helped build the exceptional standards of our medical centre.

If you are a motivated and experienced individual who excels at working alongside physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals, we encourage to you send your resume to hr[at]


Despite the demands of everyday life, our dedicated volunteers take the time to help us enhance the quality of care offered in our medical centre.

Patients are not the only ones who benefit from volunteers. Besides the intrinsic satisfaction gained from helping others, our volunteers also develop new connections that open new doors to the exciting world of health care. This opportunity allows you to be a part of a team dedicated to providing the highest quality health care and to learn about the medical profession through first-hand experience. You’ll be working directly with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other allied health professionals.

If you are interested in volunteering at our medical centre, please email hr[at] for more information.